Tuesday, February 8, 2011

madeit find : + t cups

ok how adorable is this t-cup with a little birdie in it??????
this is my madeit find of the week from nest in the attic, i just love it what a great gift and i can't believe how affordable it is too {bonus} i'm a sucker for t-cups and little birdie's, just too cute!!!!!
and a few other cute t-cups...........
has anyone been buying any new t-cups of late????
have a fantastic tuesday, pop the jug on and have a cuppa
lisa xx
photos via here and here


  1. im in love with all these pictures!!

  2. Omg i Love teacups..that first one is divine!! hugs melli xx

  3. What a gorgeous buy! I just adore teacups, how fun would it be to take a ride on the ones at Disneyland? I was naughty and bought a new teacup recently. I lemon limoge set that was less than half price! Bargain!
    Have a lovely day :)

  4. Hi Lisa, very cute! I bought a lovely turquoise tea cup and saucer over the Christmas break and I love it. I also love the tea cup and saucer ride at Disneyland. ;-)

  5. What a fabulous line up of tea cups Lisa! I'm honoured that you've included my little cup and saucer and birdie! x

  6. I only just recently had the t2 tea because I got this adorable fine china tea cup as a gift and figured it deserved special tea. Now I love the t2 tea so much I wanna get one of their tea pots and more cups! So thanks for feeding to my new addiction with these gorgeous pictures

  7. How appropriate, about to have a cuppa myself. Love the last image. Michelle

  8. not yet, but i'm planning to buy some on the flea market in berlin! :D
    love the last pic!


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