Wednesday, February 16, 2011

madeit find : + pretty lace

my madeit find this week, is the gorgeous litte baby pink flower singlet from handmade made with love 4 kids, i wish it came in grown up sizing.......can you imagine this with a little tulle skirt or simply with jeans GORGEOUS!!!! i'm loving the flower and the wee bit of lace

lace......sing it with me now......."these are few of my favourite things"
have a wonderful wednesday
not sure if you've heard the expression "hump day" {meaning middle of the week} so welcome to hump day......if you have the time if you could pick one picture from above {as your fav} which one would it be?????? mine would be number one, i love the big bow and the long dark hair against the roughled lace sleeve's
lisa xx
images via here


  1. What a cute little singlet. I agree, it would be nice in adult size - maybe you could make one?
    I posted about lace today as well! Your images are stunning - I like them all so much as I adore lace. So pretty.
    Would you believe Friday is hump day for me this week? Ugh. My working week starts today. Must go and get sorted. Have a good one!

  2. That is a gorgeous little singlet... my little girl is nearly 3 and I am going to check out 'handmade 4 kids with love now', thanks for sharing! I can definitely see it as a 'big persons' top too! :)

  3. I love those lace ankle socks. I remember having some when I was a kid. xx

  4. I need to have a little girl, so I can get her that singlet and buy her lace ankle socks (they were my fav when I was a girl!!!) My fav pic is the table with the LOVE banner -- pretty!

  5. Thanks for your comment Lisa. Hmmm, not sure about the magnolia. It's very early to be flowering, but then I noticed that my sister's has as well. That browning, well, could it be the rain that has ruined the blooms? Sorry, I am not much help at all! x

  6. Oh my i LOVE anything with them all those nails look awesome:) loving your finds Lisa xx


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