Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new keep calm and put the kettle on

as you can see by the time on the microwave i've just taken these photos, feeling a little bit blah today
not quite 100%, not sure if its hormones or tired from  a busy weekend, but i feel like i need to get my mojo back, i have a market this weekend and need to get some stuff made...
i just got home from vinnies, salvos and a fabric store i've never been too, i walked into the kitchen
saw my keep calm and put the kettle on from typo {and that's what i'm gonna do}
hope your all having a lovely day take care lisa xx


  1. I hope you're feeling 100% again v soon my dear! I love that, looks great in the tea making area.

  2. Love that print!! Hope you are feeling ok soon x

  3. I hope you are feeing better soon my dear. It is so hard to get motvated if your not feeling 100%. I love your print, it looks fabulous and would suit our household perfectly! xx

  4. Excellent print! As a tea drinker, and mother that often has the bleh feeling, it's talking to me - I love it!! Can I ask where you got it from?

  5. Lisa, I'm sitting here watching the awful news of the earthquake in Christchurch. I'm so shocked. You poster is so apt, there's going to be a lot of people who'll need more than just a cuppa, but I reckon it's a good start too.
    Hope you are feeling more mojo soon x

  6. Hope you're feeling better after a cuppa...Did you get Red Hill?

  7. love that print in the kitchen, hope you're feeling 100% again soon xx

  8. Hope you get that mojo back soon - a cuppa would have been a good start!
    I want to give you a Stylish Blogger Award - but your emails keep get bounced back to me (??), so head over to my blog and grab the button and details :) http://nouveau-traditionalis.blogspot.com/
    Romana xx

  9. That banner gives very good advice.

  10. Hope you are feeling better!
    Just came across you blog & am now following!
    I love that print - I've never seen this version before, very cute!


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