Monday, September 12, 2011

making a pav + off to nz

first thing this morning {zeke in pj's} we made a pavlova.....yummy i love them and they are so so easy to make.......
we have our favourite recipe from the good old nz edmonds cook book..........
and the finished result....can't wait to eat it, with cream and raspberries......
zeke was the perfect helper {happy to lick the beaters}......

+ i'm off to nz first thing tomorrow morning my sister is having her fourth baby yes i said fourth and i'm going to be at the birth eeekkkkk excited and nervous and can't wait to meet this new addition, so i'm hoping to do a post while i'm in nz lets see how i go, all have a great week and enjoy the moments that in-capture you
lisa xx


  1. He is so adorable:) Have a wonderful trip and congrats to your sister:) Kisses

  2. Oh wow, have a great trip to NZ. Hope all goes swimmingly at the birth:)

  3. Do you know, I've never made a pavlova before :) I love them though. Have a great time in NZ and hope all does smoothly for your sister.

    P.S I think 2 kiddos will be enough for our little family too :)

  4. I must have a go at making a pav! I hope you are enjoying NZ. Mimi xx


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