Tuesday, September 6, 2011

new business venture : twice baked

is all about reusing, recycling and making handmade things out of previously treasured pieces from art to furniture, pillows + accessories anything to add style to your home, your life or simply add a splash of colour somewhere........you can view some of what we have on offer here

anyone who has been following ledamae for a while know's how much i enjoy doing diys and we've been doing it for ourselves see here buffet / trays / shelves / for sometime.....so it's been a natural progession doing things up and have been asked by numeours friends for help/advise so thought lets do some more things and sell them.....below is a set of two drawers we have done up and sold....
and i have to mention my greg is a very handy man to have, he always does an amazing job and does like things a wee bit more perfect than me {i do like imperfect art}.......
so these have been sold and left yesterday see below

queen anne sidetables one was white the other was white with blue underneath.....{loads of sanding}
we did them a satin black {so beautiful} would love to know your thoughts...........
what do you think?????
head over to twice baked and have a noisey and if you like {LIKE} hehehe
i'll do another post through the week to show you what else we have over at twice baked
have a great tuesday evening and thanks for stopping by lisa xx


  1. The little drawers look fabulous! What a great venture. Good luck with it, though I'm sure you'll do great! X

  2. Love how this little side table turned out - black and crystal is always a good combination. Good luck with your new venture.

  3. LOVE the drawers, they look hot in black! Good luck with the new business venture... x

  4. I'm the owner of these awesome drawers - you did a perfect job on them - great eye for detail Lisa xx

  5. Ooooh how exciting, good luck with the venture Lisa! The drawers look great, love the black. xx


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