Wednesday, September 7, 2011

madeit find : + spots

my madeit find this week are these very cool cufflinks from edan rose, i love the colour of the fabric and loving the spots....pop over and have a squizz

+ more spots

+ my favourite one this week is

i just adore freckles {yes i do have them}.........hope your all having a wonderful wednesday
do you have freckles???? if so do you like them???
lisa xx

images via here


  1. loving the spots! loving the essie nail polish spot! what a good idea! have a nice day, Lisa! :)

  2. How pretty, I love the shoes and the finger nails. I want the shoes. xx

  3. Gorgeous spots. Love the veil and the fawn. Congratulations on your new venture - looks great. The black bedsides came up beautifully.
    Well done Lisa
    Rebecca x


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