Friday, January 14, 2011

a big week in the martin household

this is another big year for change.........change is good [hard sometimes, but good]
we have had a few first's in our home this week, i made my first loaf of bread......and it was delish [i'm eating a slice now as i type with my cup of coffee, one of the changes this year was to invest in a bread maker.....we are saving money as it's cheaper than buying bread, and doesn't contain preservatives and anything artifical, and did i mention it tastes GOOD [even the crust] it's fun to make and the house smells wonderful while cooking
zeke started childcare this week, so mummy's emotion's have been all over the show, i was so surprised he did really well [and has been eating whatever they have been putting in front of him] so next week i'll be leaving him for longer, my boy is growing up fast [almost time for another me thinks]

and some other exciting news, we became business owners this week, check it out here...........hub [greg] has been working here for about 4-5 years and the opportunity came up to buy it with a few other the saying goes [when opportunity knocks] sometimes i think you have to listen for it or it may pass you by.......

also i've made a few changes to my blogging page, and sooooooooo need help with my banner [am not too savyy] if anyone can give me some tips i'd love it eg: what program to use
also what do you think of the music in the background [is it annoying or do you like it???????]

it's been a crazy week, i've been txting, emailing friends in QLD hoping they are all ok.........i'm so fond of this beautiful country and call it home, and to see this happening in the country you live is just heart breaking.......out of all this devastation it has been amazing seeing people rally together in a united front and helping wherever they the midst of turmoil there is hope......much love to all
lisa xx


  1. That's so exciting Lisa!!!! Congrats on the business, that's so cool to become business owners, esp to a business that your hubby would know so well which is good. And your break looks yuuuuuuummmmmmmoooooo! My Mum has a bread maker and it makes such yummy break and yes, the smell is almost as good as the eating!
    Very excited for you my dear!

    P.S. I might need you to put a roll cage into G's car as he got home very quickly last night and I said 'how did you get home so quickly?' and he said 'hmmm.... speeding I guess'. NAUGHTY!

  2. Why did I just type bread as break.... twice?!?! I better keep drinking my coffee, I think my brain needs it :)

  3. I can almost smell the bread from here :) Mum has a breadmaker - I should borrow it and make some.
    I like your new blog look - very nice. I'm not blog savvy either but like yours as it is x

  4. Hi Lisa, that bread looks so yummy. I was going to get some flour at the supermarket yesterday and make some because their is no bread or vegies in the supermarkets here but even the bread making flour was gone.... Thankfully the local bakery opened this morning and I was there at 6.30am! Congrats on the new business, I hope it is very successful for you both. I think Zeke may need a sibling too...
    P.S Not sure about music on blogs, it kind of catches you out but it is your blog so do what you like... ;-)

  5. You have had a big week Lisa! It is good that Zeke was happy at daycare it makes it much easier to leave him and know that he is happy. Your bread looks delicious. I am thinking that we may need to invest in a bread maker just for the delicious smell alone. Congratulations on the new business, that is fabulous news and I pray that it all goes well for you! xx

  6. Have a relaxing weekend, Lisa. Your bread looks very yummy! xxx

  7. Wow sounds like an exciting time ahead for you. This year is lucky 11 so good time to start a new business. Congrats.
    Im thinking about buying a bread maker too just thinking of a warm slice of bread with butter and vegemite is making my mouth drool! What brand did you buy?
    On a sadder note my thoughts have been with the QLDers as well I made a pledge to not spend any money this weekend and donated instead. Every bit helps.

  8. thanks for all your lovely posts.......i can tell you all up i've made 5 loaves so far and it is so yummy, it costs about $1.35 a loaf and it's so easy just throw in the ingredients and off it goes.....we got a panasonic from {the good guys} have a great day xx


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