Monday, July 9, 2012

fun filled weekend of music + friends + hot rods

# me ivana + andrew's reflection in the most amazing white wall tyre

wow what a fun filled weekend our wonderful friend lissie came and stayed for a few nights, and spent the weekend exploring and stubbling across a few treats, lissie found a new shop in blairgowrie called white nest {a must visit}
my neice georgia played and sung at a cafe outside of rosebud called onshore {have never been before and pretty good coffee}
and while we sat in the cafe all these hot rods went past and realized the hot rod winter cruise was on in sorrento so off for a drive we all went.......
and to finish the night georgia played at liquid also.........i seriously could listen to her sing forever
then it was dinner and colouring our hair hehehehehe us crazy aunties are sure gonna miss her when
she leaves on wed.......

a few snaps of the day

georgia playing at onshore 
the very adorable ivana + andrew hanging for the day
uncle greg + baby jet
ivana working it, so many amazing cars
of course greg is on the ground checking out the airbags {zeke was in heaven}
my favourite beautiful
georgia playing at liquid.......

how was your weekend?????? did you do any exploring or impromptus?????
have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by
smooch lisa xx


  1. Those cars are hot hot hot!
    My weekend was spent renovating, not as exciting as yours :)

  2. That looks like a LOT of fun Lisa! If only every weekend could be like that!

  3. What agreat weekend, your making me feel so boring, lOL. Love those cars!!!


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