Friday, June 25, 2010

house is officially on the market eekkk!!!!

well the sign went up yesterday and now we are on yup the house is officially on the market.....oh my goodness!!!!
our first open home this saturday so i've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning....
i was looking through the photos and thought my gosh, my bedroom looks so dull and flat, so i thought it was time for a change around {before the open home}
what do you think??? i think it was missing some colour you like the bedlinen??? my sister-in-law who is an interior designer in nz, org this bedlinen for my birthday which they sell at her amazing store the urban lounge.....i love it, so simple but stylish......
i think my next purchase i would like is the mustard throw from elk accessories....
have a great weekend everyone
lisa xox


  1. Hmm, there seems to be a lot of house moving going on in blogland!!! Good luck and I hope it sells quickly for you. Where to next? Still in Victoria? Best wishes.

  2. thanks jenny.....yes looking at moving to mornington peninsul, only half an hour away from hubbie G's work......thanks for your comments lisa xox


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