Thursday, June 17, 2010

an adorable little friendship

it is such a pleasure watching these two little people zekky and zara together…..they have {over time} formed this cute little friendship, like all good friendships it has developed slowly…..,through watching each other, taking toys off one another and sharing food…..

zara is so cute she’s often heard saying “zekky zekky zekky” over and over, so my dear friend Sylvia say’s ok it’s time to visit zekky….
zara likes to fuss over zekky {feeds him food, gives him drink} and to be honest I think he loves it!!!!!

so i thought I’d share it through captured photos, dialog etc and watch all the mischievous and imaginative goings on these two encounter….

will be a fun journey to watch…   lisa xox 


  1. Love the pictures! So, so schweet! x

  2. That is adorable!
    My little William also has a little 'girl friend'. Her name is Sylvie and she lives down the st, they have play dates all the time and when not fighting over toys they babble away to each other like little adults, so cute to see!
    Have a great evening,


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