Tuesday, June 22, 2010

an inspiring wall display

I have a gorgeous friend who let me take photos of her daughters bedroom, she is one of my biggest fans {hehehe}
I loved what she did, with the butterfly frames in all different colours and she had a fantastic eye @ tying it all together nicely….
I love it when you have clusters with a variety of themes and sizes
i'm a big fan of tulle, and use it for loads of things......
and i'm a huge fan of mustard....my fav colour is in the grey tones and of course i love anything white....
whats your favourite colour????

 lisa xox 


  1. Hi!
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  2. What a lovely display, I really like it. Some people have such a good eye for these things!!

  3. It is a lovely display Lisa and your comment about mustard reminded me about the question you asked me regarding the tiles in the house I virtually painted the other day. The tiles were unfortunately not mustard but a dirty lime green. Have a great day! xx

  4. # hi em will do

    # thanks trish, my girlfriend did a great job

    # hey nellie yeah i'd like them if they were mustard not lime green



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