Wednesday, June 2, 2010

finally finished zekky's room

well i have finally got zekky's artwork up on the wall, and i love it, 
we have collected quite a few artworks along the way and mumma has done a few as well, our latest artwork purchased was the one in the black frame like the old bus stop signs through the madeit website from 
i love that the artwork chosen is a mixture of black white and wood with hints of colour, orange, teal, yellow......
i do like playing around with decor its so much fun and like a canvas, you can add too or take away till your hearts content.....

we also had this eye chart custom made through my sweet prints saying.......

"we love you ezekiel loads and loads"

which looks great on his shelf, not everything needs to be hung, and i love little clusters.....

now i just need to find a bed for him (white) of course, if anyone knows of some great design eg, loft bed with drawers underneath or day bed please let me know!!!!
lisa xox 


  1. Hi Lisa - have popped across from My Sweet Prints blog and am now a follower. I love the art wall you've put together for Zekky - the colours look great.

  2. Hello! I've just come over from Janette's blog, how lovely is your wall display!! :-)

  3. Hi Lisa, I too have come over from Janette's blog to check out your son's bedroom. Looks lovely - would love to see some photos of the rest of the room. I was also very interested to read you are looking for a white bed for his room as I am also looking for a white bed for my son's bedroom and am yet to find exactly what I want. I'll be keen to see if anyone has any suggestions. So far the only ones that fit the bill for me are the Malm single bed (white) from Ikea, and two beds I've seen on (which I found by reading The first one is the Oz World Traders king single with trundle ( and the other is the By Designs Cube Single Bed ( which comes in white! Unfortunately, none of these beds are EXACTLY what I'm after, which is why I'm interested to see if anyone reading your blog has other suggestions. I guess I am concerned that the only beds I've found that I like the style/design of are actually very cheap in $$$ and may not be of such great quality. Anyway, good luck in your search and I really love your wall display.

  4. Yay I am your 100th follower! Congrats to you!

    Just found your blog via your comment on my blog (! Love your posts/ design keep up the great work! XX Samie


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