Thursday, June 3, 2010

un unexpected visitor!!!!

we live arcoss the road from a lake, which is so beautiful and peaceful especially when you see swans floating on the still water with the moon shining down on them..... 

anyway we have had a friendly white duck arrive in the neighbourhood about 4 weeks ago he/she waddles across the road and visits us anytime were outside, well it's taken a step further....
on tuesday the little white ducky decided to follow me into the house, zeke thought this was very funny, he kept looking up at me (as if to say) "is this ok"?
of course mummy got some bread for zeke to feed the white ducky.....after some time it was time to say goodbye...

thank goodness for concrete polished floors, yes there was some poop for mumma to clean up....oh well it was a fun afternoon for zekky, so cute watching there faces full of delight

lisa xox 

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  1. Hi Lisa, I saw Zeke's room on Janette's blog and thought I would pop over to say Hi. What a cute guest you had, I can imagine he would have been a bit messy though! Zeke's room looks great and so does the wallpaper in your room, I love it! I have had a look at your madeit store too and your artwork is lovely! I am looking forward to following your blog! xx


i love getting comments and feedback thanks for posting!!!!