Thursday, December 8, 2011

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree + T4

ok so this is my first fake christmas tree.......
it was a decision that didn't come easy, i just love real ones the smell the look etc
but hubbs gets bad hayfever and has put up with it for, oh 11 years hehehe and we spend about $70 - $100 a year on a fresh tree.........
i have to be honest and say i used to turn my nose up at fake trees, but times are changing and mumma is on a budget, hopefully i'll get a good few years out of this one {or until my taste changes.......again hehehe} i didn't just say that did i?????
so thought i'd give a fakie a go, i did go cheap cheap ebay $55.00 free postage, and to be honest when i opened the box, i felt a little looked fake {well of course it's white giggle}
anyway i stuffed white tulle inside the tree so it looks fuller and once the lights went on and the decor
I LOVE IT......
and it was fun putting it up with little zeke, he was pulling them apart and loving being involved, every morning he comes out and says, "lights".......turns it on and says, "WOW" so cute
do you have a real tree or a fake one????????

+ T4 : friends
- i'm so thankful to wonderful friend's, just in the last week a very special friend looking
   after our little zekky so we could have a night away for our wedding ann - thank you so much elissa
- spending time with a kell + baby ziggy, smooch to you both
- mark helping us with our broken down car, you rock mark
- vik, just being who you are caring about me and your support {my biggest fan hehehe}
i love all the friend's i have in my world.........

have a wonderful weekend
lisa xx


  1. I love it Lisa! It's so YOU! I was thinking about a white tree too but we already have one and no storage for two trees :(
    I love your decorations and you're so clever to put the tulle inside to make it look fuller, I need to do that too.
    Love the pics of you and Zekky too,

  2. Love it Lisa! I really like the white, it matches the room perfectly. The pics of you and Zeke decorating are adorable xx

  3. Love it Lisa, especially your colourscheme. We have a fake green tree, its getting a little old & sparse so i wrap it with white feather boas to fill it. My 4 yr old turns the lights on as soon as she gets out of bed each day as well, she loves!!!

  4. Hi Lisa, I love it - Mia (my daughter) just said WOW that looks fantastic. Love the colours. Did you create the artwork on your walls? Mimi xx

  5. Looks gorgeous and fab in your space, well done x

  6. Your Christmas looks lovely, I bought some of those hearts from Ikea when I was in Sydney last week! Love them. You look very stylish! xx


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