Tuesday, September 4, 2012

road trip to pick up gregs dream car....

what a weekend........
i had the red hill markets on saturday which was so good getting back into the swing of
things, i hadn't done a craft market in a few months, off to flemington in a few weeks also...
then 5.30am {on fathers day} greg, zekky and myself headed off on a road trip
to mt. gambier to pick up gregs dream car.......
he has wanted this car {oh for about 18 years} it is so much his dream car its the colour he's wanted
and everything about it is down to the 'T', he is one shuffed lad........
we had the best trip and i forgot how much i miss road trips, we used to do them a lot in nz
we arrived in mt. gambier in good time and the couple we bought the car off were so lovely and
friendly, i think hubbs might have another car buddy

then it was off to warrnambool to the camping ground for the night SO MUCH FUN......
we caught up with friends who have recently moved there and their two adorable little girls
zeke loved it......we did so much in such a small amount of time and yet
we had such a relaxing time away

+ some more pics of the dream car & time away

this is the face as we left warrnambool the next day.....he really did not want to go
he keep saying, "go back, please go back"

we had to assure him we were going camping very soon, so looks like a little
weekend away very soon in the tent it is......i do love that he loves camping
have a wonderful week lisa xx


  1. How exciting for Greg! It's hard to go past little Zeke's sad face though - the poor little guy! Hopefully he wasn't upset for too long :)

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  2. Wow, what a car! Love the colour. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while luv, my blog reading time is very limited these days but am hoping to catch up on your posts today while Sophie naps... x

  3. LOVE Greg's new car..... I just love old cars, esp that 50's era, and so cool being a station wagon, and the colour! Ok I think I'm in love with your new car :)
    So glad it was a fun weekend and Zekky is so cute with that little bottom lip and tear stained cheeks. Can you believe how much our boys are growing up? Have a great week my dear,

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  5. Congratulations to Greg for getting his dream car! Well, I wouldn't mind driving a long stretch for that Falcon! Old cars have that distinct look and feel that can never be duplicated by models these days.

    -Tyra Shortino


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