Wednesday, April 6, 2011

madeit find : + damask

my madeit find this week are these very cute limited edition vintage colour tubes from oopsidaisi a beautiful lip treatment in 5 scrumptious flavours, who wouldn't want one rolling around in their handbag???

+ some gorge pics of damask, i love it in the shot above as a display
i totally went overboard with these images but i loved them all
hope you all have an amazing wednesday lisa xx

to you lovely ladies who asked to look at some of my artwork from the markets you can have a look at, you made my day with your comments thanks lisa

images from here


  1. Those nails are very, very cool. Thanks for sharing the round-up. x

  2. Oh those cushions are beautiul! Why does there have to be so many gorgeous cushions in the world!?
    Thanks for the link to your work. I'll pop over and check it out :)

  3. Love all these pictures, just gorgeous xx

  4. Love damask. The first image is my favorite, and loving the macaron tin.
    Rebecca x


i love getting comments and feedback thanks for posting!!!!