Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happenings in my world + T4

something i've collected this week is this very cool plant pot, a gaint teacup, how cool is it?????
the saucer is actually attached with a hole at the bottom of the cup for drainage I LOVE IT.............
so me and zeke went off to bunnings to fill it with something colourful {couldn't go past the yellow of course}............
i have it sitting on the outdoor table, it was cheap and in a shop you would least expect, i think i'm going to go and buy some more, this one is charcoal and they did have black too.......

+ T4
this week i'm thankful 4 wipes {wet wipes} i know as a mummy we have them everywhere and thank goodness for that, my little man decided to put his hand in his poo the other day {i heard ya YUCKY} and i'm so glad the wipes were right there......could of been a disaster......

what have you been up to?????? + what are you thankful 4 this week?????

if you'd like to join in your welcome just link in below, or have a little giggle go on hehehehe
this weeks T4 was pretty funny!!!!!


  1. I have this teacup too but it is pink. I think I like yours better :) Going to spray paint it black this weekend! xx

  2. Ooh I love your teacup and those bright yellow flowers look so pretty in it.

    As for the hand in the nappy incident, we've had a few of those with Grace lately, hasn't been pretty :)

  3. Oh I love your tea very cute. i have just discovered your blog through Nellie and just love it. Enjoy your weekend. Kym X

  4. My friend gifted same this type of bunch of flowers on my birthday. That is so beautiful in pink, yellow, brown, red, white, black, green and many more colours of flowers.
    printed highlighters


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