Monday, April 11, 2011

point + shoot : my two boys

i can't believe i took NO photos this weekend. so i hope you don't mind but this one is through the week { i didn't want to miss out on point + shoot }

i love this photo.....capturing a moment in time
zeke didn't want to be put down { been doing this a bit lately } we walked down main st { in mornington } picked up a coffee then to the park, with his new ugg boots in tow { too cute }.........

this weekend my girlfriend kellie came to stay { so much fun chillaxing with her } we watched movies, i cut and coloured another girlfriend kirsties hair while hubbs played golf, stolled along the beach in the wind LOVE going to the beach when it's a little stormy business meeting and church a pretty full packed weekend but was relaxing at the same time.........what did you do this weekend????
hope you had a good one lisa xx

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  1. Those uggs are waaaaaay too cute! Bless him. Thanks for joining in!!


  2. Too cute, I love kids & uggies.

  3. Weekend with the girls, thats what I'll be doing this weekend can't wait. P.S. Love the uggies :)


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