Monday, April 18, 2011

point + shoot : sorrento

we have had a busy weekend weekend, gregs parents are here from nz for 10 days......
so on saturday we drove to sorrento and had the famous vanilla slice with a coffee delicious.....
zeke is running around saying "poppa, poppa, nannie" very cute

and i thought i'd sneek in a photo of the beautiful roses my lovely neighbour flow bought over fresh from her spoilt and they smell insane
also we had a great day at the flemington markets yesterday.....was such a beautiful day, one thing a customer said to me yesterday was that my stall felt very tranquil, and relaxing {yay to feel relaxed while shopping}
hope you all had a great weekend, apologies' this is a little late in the day lisa xx

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend and what a lovely neighbor ;)

  2. Aren't the vanilla slices to die for? Worth the drive down the coast. Every 6 months or so my husband insists we go down to Sorrento just to go on the Million Dollar Walk and eat the vanilla slices afterwards.

  3. Sounds like many of us were busy with family this weekend! ;-)

  4. What beautiful roses and what a lovely neighbour to give them to you.
    It must be good vanilla slice. Mmm, I could eat a piece right now. Yum!!


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