Thursday, April 28, 2011

my bag i won arrived today.......YAY

this very very cool bag i won from mccarthy designs arrived today....YAY
just wanted to say thanks again to nellie i'm super excited and can't wait to use it, she also sent
me this adorable card {love it}

+ these beautiful flowers my neighbour flow bought over, she is so lovely, we live in a unit of 8 and we are the young ones, and they all love having a little person living near them......can you imagine what zeke gets given and how he can do no wrong, hehehehe
i just love older people and their stories bill and flow have been in their unit for 28 years now {so cute} i pop over and give them muffins, biscuits and she comes over with lemons and beautiful flowers......i had to put these ones beside my bed {simple for me}
have a fabulous weekend and do something lovely simply for you
lisa xx


  1. such a cute bag!! and really, is there nothing better than rocking something that you *won* ?! i got an adorable yellow purse about a year ago and i still love bragging that i won it from a blog!
    happy thursday!

  2. What lovely neighbours you have! And what a great bag! And I have to say that mirror peeking through - looks amazing. Have a lovely weekend. anastasia x

  3. What a gorgeous picture, you have styled that so beautifully. I love having "elderly" neighbours, they are truly the best. I now have young ones and I'm - let's just say not too fond of it!! Gosh I'm getting too old myself maybe!!


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