Wednesday, April 27, 2011

happenings in my world {zeke's birthday} + T4

my little man zeke turned 3 on saturday 03-04-2008, it has gone by so so fast it's not funny

i've loved every moment with him and feel truely blessed to have him in my life
my life is richer for having him in it..........

now i do feel a wee bit like an unorganized mum, we had his party on sunday and i got NO photos....
how bad is that!!!!!
i went around afterwards and took some photos and edited bits out so it looks a wee bit nice,
everything is on the video which will be great to watch but have no idea how to get any of it on here are a few photos
i had fun with the food, and am disappointed i didn't take photos, we did on white spoons mango salsa with prawns and coriander, asian salad with crunchy noodles and sesame seeds in noodle boxes and individual triffles above......
and it was fun watching zeke jumping on his new trampoline and having fun with the other kids

+ T4
am totally thankful 4 my boy and having the pleasure of the past 3 years with him....he is my little dude

if you'd like to join feel free, link in below have a fantastic thursday
lisa xx

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  1. Happy Birthday Zeke! Looks like such a cute party - love your signature mustard colours coming in there too!
    Give him a big kiss from me and a high five from Will :)


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