Monday, April 4, 2011

point + shoot : market weekend

this was the weekend for sister is over from nz and i dragged her out
of bed on saturday morning to attend the redhill markets with me { it was freezing } i took a photo of my sister all wrapped up in a blanket with her slippers on
we laughed so hard my cheeks were hurting....i was just a little jealous i didn't have my slippers of
course i only had my jandels on { flip flops } and it was cold
it was a great day and met some wonderful people, i loved that my sister got to see the process of the markets, setting up etc and she did a spot of shopping and sampled the food

if you haven't been to any of these marekts flemington, mornington, redhill don't eat before hand the
food is just devine
and yesterday we went to the vic markets and met up with some friends, the popplewells.....
and the kids piled into the helicopter so cute to watch with the smiles and giggles so all in all we had
a fun packed weekend with markets and opp shops, what did you do this weekend????
if you'd like to see what others are up to check it out here
lisa xx


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend. I love that you call them Jandels hehehee. I love your art works, so cool! I'm sure you sold heaps.
    Have a great day my dear,

  2. Wearing slippers in public calls for some sort of embarrasment, its the sisterly thing to do!

  3. I love a good market but havn't been to Red Hill for years! I think I will put it on the to do list! :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend, much better than mine as all I did was work! You should do a more in-depth posting about all your goodies on your stall. We'd like to see what you sell :)

  5. Yes to the above comment! I'd love to see more of your stuff, it looks beautifu1!

  6. I love the markets around Melbourne and have been to a number of them. Beautiful things you have there too. G


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