Saturday, April 23, 2011

easter childhood memories

if you haven't been over to the lovely sarah at molly's maison, then i suggust you do, it is full of delightful things.......
in sarah's last post here, she wished everyone a happy easter and shared a childhood memory I LOVED IT......

+ it got me thinking about some of my easter childhood are a few

- fejoas remind me of easter, {not sure if any of you know what they are} they are a fruit
  and we used to stay at our cousins who had fejoa trees as a hedge....there where loads

- when me and my cousin renee were bought an easter egg she gobbled hers up straight away, i decided
  to save mine {like i often do with chocolate} and on the way home in the van with all my cousins
  including renee 7 of us in total mum made me share it with everyone {so we all got a tiny bit each} i
  was gutted {my cousin loved it she got extra}

- i always loved easter because we were always around family {our cousins} we were all really
  close and all had the best time together, mum and dad would go to a church convention and us kids
  just got up to no good and it was loads of fun

thanks so much sarah for this post
hope everyone is having a great easter and would love to hear what your childhood memories are!!!!!
lisa xx

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  1. Oh you lovely thing! How sweet of you.
    I have heard of fejoas but have never tried them. I think I might prefer chocolate for easter eating!
    You poor thing having to share your egg with everyone. There's always a tragic tale or two when it comes to Easter egss, isn't there?
    Have a great day Lisa x

  2. These are fabulous! I'm loving the high ceiling and that adorable pup on the bed. Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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