Thursday, September 9, 2010

madeit find : + cherry blossoms

my madeit find this week is the very adorable cherry blossom brooch from lucky dip, i love it with the wooden flower motif behind it........
and i am the hugest fan when it comes to cherry blossoms, i use it often in my artwork and when we get our next house i would love to plant some, they are so beautiful and is the time of year for them, our plum tree has blossoms all over it, and how lovely driving down tree lined streets with cherry blossoms........have you seen any this season, i searched for some pics and i loved all of these i had to add them all, enjoy.......... whats your favourite picture?????

have a wonderful friday, and i hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as i did finding them
images via here

lisa xox


  1. They are so beautiful...I adore the top image so much! Very fairytale like:)

  2. They are all magical! I thought i like the one with the cups but as i scrolled down i wanted to scream i love them allllllll! Well done Lisa

  3. Lovely photos, I did enjoy them!:D

    Happy Friday too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Love the pics of the Sakura - I have just posted some on my blog too as they are my favourite next to Magnolias. Your pics are fabulous.

  5. I love your pics :-) Blossoms are so lovely!

  6. OOhh Lisa you have exquisite taste and a meticulous eye for detail...a girl after my own heart!!! Pure inspiration.


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