Tuesday, September 14, 2010

refresh beauty therapy

refresh beauty therapy is a new blog to blogland, a very dear friend sarah is the lady behind refresh, she has all this amazing knowledge when it comes to skincare, food groups, etc......
i often wondered how she knew all this stuff, but i think when your passionate about something it flows from you, everyweek i seem to learn something new from her posts etc and think it's amazing having someone share all the things we don't know about.....thanks sarah!!!!
i know how you all made me feel when i started blogging and if you haven't seen her blog yet pop over and say hi here.....have an amazing day, the sun is shining here in melbourne today and i feel alive.....BLISS
lisa xox


  1. You are so lovely!! Thank you so much and its thanks to you for getting me started. May your day be richly blessed and full of love. xxx

  2. Thanks for the great link Lisa, your friends blog is great. Google doesnt seem to want to let me follow tonight so I will have to drop in on her again later. Have a great week!!


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