Thursday, September 2, 2010

madeit find : cassette

today on madeit, this image popped up on the home page........i was immediately drawn to it and everything thing it made me think of.......
this very cool mixtape love necklace by osier, isn't it the coolest necklace and i love their story "this necklace is handmade in the spirit of all those mixtapes you made in highschool for your crust, who never really appreciated the secret lyrical messages as much as you'd have liked them to". 
very very cool osier!!!!!
tell me did you ever make a mixed tape????? and do any of you still listen to tapes?????
lisa xox


  1. That is such a cute necklace...I would totally wear it...I wish Balazs and I would listen to tapes...Kisses my dear:)

  2. That necklace is such a cool idea! I miss tapes :(. We have just moved house, and I found my old 'boom box' in the shed, with an old tape in it! Sooo funny, it was a self rcorded letter that I never sent... just as well, it would have been very embarrasing!
    Flick xo

  3. What a fantastic idea for a necklace. Yes I definitely made many many mix tapes when I was at school!! Hope your having a great weekend. Michelle


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