Tuesday, August 31, 2010

talking about vases's............

carrying on from the last post, and talking about vase's etc what is the strangest vase/vessel you have used to put flower's into???????????????????????
my favourite at the moment is my white jug in the photo above and i love clusters of vases's/vessels see photo below............
i also use....
old milk bottles / jars / teacups, teapots / wine, champayne glasses.......what's your favourite?????
here are a few pictures of some other idea's
images via here
lisa xox


  1. What a gorgeous post! My favourite 'vase' I've used before was a champagne glass for daffodils - might have to buy myself a bunch soon so I can use this idea again. I love the teacup image above.

  2. I totally love your picks...I adore using jars and medicine boxes...Have a wonderful last day of August:)

  3. At the moment, I'm having craze over the test tube and chemistry bottles as vases! thanks for sharing! loving this post!

  4. What a beautiful post, I love the teacup idea. I also have some very old medicine cups, that my girls put flowers/weeds in for me.:-)

  5. Hi:)
    Wish you a wondeful 1st of September

    ps: I am hosting a lovely GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) …I bet you will love it!!!

  6. Lisa, this is such a reminder to me to think outside the box & get a little more creative. I am embarrassed to admit I have only ever thought to use the humble vase. I am slapping myself as I type!!!

  7. loved reading all your comments......and i love it when we can all share ideas.......trish i'm hearing you, your comment made me laugh out loud, look forward to maybe seeing a post of some flowers in something other than a vase hehehehe, thanks diana will check out the giveaway lisa xox


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