Monday, August 16, 2010

diy duvet or {should i say doona}

well we have finally bought zeke his first bed, we decided to go with the daybed from ikea, so we had the storage underneath as well as a double bed with slats {it pulls out into a double} so when we have visitors their not subject to the floor.........
i've had fabric waiting so i could make him a duvet cover {doona hehehe}  i thought i'd do it slightly different on each side just to mix it up a bit.......i like the top photo best, now i just need some fun pillows, what do you think???????........i hope your all having a great day the sun here is shining then some hail and now it's shining again {i love melbourne weather}

ps only two more days till the end of the GIVEAWAY thanks for everyones i'm off to the shed to get ready for the markets this sunday have a wonderful day everyone
lisa xox 


  1. Zeke's bed looks great and the doona cover is fabulous. I like the first photo best too! xx

  2. You know we DO have the same taste Lisa because no joke, I was only thinking yesterday about how I'd like to get Will that Ikea day bed for when he goes into a big boy bed. AND I've always planned to make a doona cover too (I made his cot blanket but haven't made a doona cover before). I love it and I think some fun and funky cushions would look fantastic. Zeke's a lucky boy!

  3. Hi Lisa, I love that bed and have been wanting to get a matching pair for my girls for ages... It will never happen! The doona cover looks great, the top one is so fresh and gorgeous, and the second one is nice and blokey... one on each side?
    Flick x

  4. Hi Lisa, the bed looks great and clever you for making the duvet/doona cover. I think I like the second picture for a little boy. Nice job!

  5. I love that bed...Its pretty and so practical...right? You did so well with the doona cover and pillows:)

    Happy Monday my dear!

  6. Hi Lisa, I love Zeke's bed, what a great job you've done with the doona, I love both sides. Well done, hope he loves his new big bed!!!

  7. Love that bed! It looks so cosy. The doona cover looks great, clever mummy :)

  8. That looks so nice! This is interesting for me because my son's four and we've started looking at 'proper' beds for him, too. We've found quite a nice white one but I thought maybe white was more of a girl's colour... but then again, maybe not! It looks great with the shades of blue. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. The bed is great and I like the covers too, lovely shades of blue.:D

    Happy Tuesday and I am your newest follower!:D
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  10. Love the first pic! The bed is so great, you did a fantastic job!



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