Monday, August 2, 2010

a few pics from flemington markets july 2010

hey ladies.....hope you all had a lovely weekend, i've been a little busy coming up to market time, we had such a great day at the markets......and if anyone watches postcard in melbourne flemington markets will be featured soon
anyway i thought id take a few photos of some of my new artworks, i really like adding different dimensions to hubs loves the above block with a birdcage on the cracked paint {it's his fav at the moment}
and if you've been following my blog you all know i'm in love with mustard at the moment, {you can't tell can you???? hehehe}
and of course describing words, it's like little quotes to ones self
and last photo, i've started doing these cute blocks i call them {storybook art} these are really really fun, and loads of little girls were drawn to them in the weekend,
i hope you enjoyed a little look and thanks for popping in for a visit, take care ladies
 lisa xox


  1. These look great Lisa, you're so clever! :)

  2. You are very talented. I love the birdcage art too!

  3. wow, those are really nice!! Bummer, and I just posted about prints on my blog today, too!I Will have to feature you next time! love those little screens... so cute!


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