Thursday, August 9, 2012

madeit find + bunting

my madeit find this week is the cute fabric card from rabbit and me with bunting on it......
always nice getting a card in the mail, handwritten notes/messages are always
a pleasure pop in and have a look at some of the other cards too

+ bunting

+ my fav just cause of the way it makes me feel, i love everything about it

have a wonderful day....
the weather here is a bit crazy raining, hail, windy then sunshine
gotta love melbourne weather hehehehe
smooch lisa xx

images via here


  1. Nice pics, Im thinking about making some bunting, I see it everywhere at the moment & feel like Im missing out because I don't have any , LOL!!

  2. Oh wow thanks for featuring the cards :) Its one of my favorite fabrics.
    I feature your blog on my facebook page! Hope you will have a bit of a traffic :)



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