Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 chaplaincy dinner @ the hyatt

very blurry but was the best of the lot and i really wanted to put it up..........
wow what a night a group of us were invited by the lovely brooks to come to this event at the hyatt
last night, it was about chaplaincy in schools access ministries.......
as i spent time listening to what it was about and the help they do give, it got me thinking about
when i was at school....
i don't remember having anyone at school to talk to {other than your friends and half the time i think we lead each other astray} and wondered if some of the decisions i had made would of been any different having a {go to person through school to talk to}....
what did you have at your schools??????
and did you find it useful?????
it makes me think about it more too having a little person who will be off to school in the
near future, and knowing that he's not always going to come to us for advice so who will be the person/people he talks to?????  
they will impact him massively 

+ few more photos of the night

was such a great night, apollo astronaut charlie duke spoke {made my eyes go shiny} just listening to his story too cool.........
the food was soooooooo yummy and the company was even better, 
thanks to muz for driving us all in from the peninsula
and loved the discussions on our little journey too......
hope your all having a wonderful tuesday
what happened on your monday night????
smooch lisa xx


  1. Looks and sounds like a great night out. We had a guidance officer at work but I don't remember my friends ever visiting him or her. I think in this day and age and with the prevalance of bullying they are very impostant.

  2. Looks like it was a great night out and for a good cause too! M x

  3. Sounds like a fun night out. You look gorgeous, love your coat. I remember we had a chaplain at our school back in high school, but I don't remember her being very 'popular' among students, apart from those who really didn't have many friends and so on. It's sad, because I think such a role could be so valuable to young people these days if the program is gone about in the right way... x


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