Monday, August 6, 2012

girls weekend away @ the shack

what a fantastic girls weekend away.......
the lovely liane org their holiday home in inverloch for a bunch of us girls to let our hair down
and enjoy a weekend away from home, and it was truly a wonderful time....
check out the shack here

we had delish nibbly food
we had the music going
we had sleep ins
we had strolls along the beach
we had nanna naps
we had yummo wine
we had great mags to flick through
we had little fashion show
we had giggles
we had nursing advice
we had the yummest meal cooked for us
we had loads of jumping around and dancing
we had some tears {good tears}
we had fun playing hairdresser
we had trip to the coffee shop
we had long in depth chats
we had fun getting the fire started
we had times of sharing and listening
we had SO MUCH FUN i lost my voice!!!!!!!

+ my last photo is the cool outdoor shower {the view from my room}
   i lay in bed and just had to take a pic

so much fun had........

my highlight
being in a group of girls that are so different and it worked so well.......feeling the love
my low point 
having to leave hehehehe { i wasn't the only one }

of course i have loads more photos hope you enjoyed a snippet
so many cool memories and can't wait till the next one.....
we often go around the table at our house and share our highlight for the day
{ such a great thing to get into spec with your children }
anyway i could keep raving how wonderful my weekend was how was yours??????
smooch lisa xx


  1. It looks like a lot of fun Lisa. I had a girls weekend away to Melb in April and I had the best time too. Girls do know how to have fun, don't they?
    Some lovely shots at the beach by the way :)

  2. Sounds like you had an absolute ball. I am in need of a girls weekend away with dancing and cocktails!

  3. it looks like such a fun time - no wonder you didn't want to leave, I wouldn't either! I spent the weekend in transit back to Australia... it was a long trip but totally worth it to see family here!


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