Monday, September 2, 2013

zeke's first trip to the snow........

how was your weekend????
what did you get up too?????
we went on a road trip with the popps {popplewell family} to lake mountain, we had so much fun
zeke hasn't been to the snow yet so we snuck a quick trip in...........there wasn't much snow
but for the kids FUN!!!!! and for me {sssshhhhhhhhh hehe}
we went tobogganing, went for a walk to find some real snow {not man made} the walk was
so much fun / kids were going on an adventure whoop whoop, we made a snow man and
threw snow balls at each other, mark popps whipped up some hot moroccon soup in the car
park..........funnest day in a long time
driving through all the beautiful trees and all the green ferns, was seriously like we were
driving through nz, so green and lush.....
then we came to marysville, it was emotional and yup i had a few tears, the trees went from lush to
all burnt from the devastating fires, seeing new houses built......
we saw it on tv it was in the news etc but seeing it with your own eyes, my heart ached for
the families / community involved in the devastation....
here are some more photos of our road trip to the snow
if anyone reading this lives in melbourne how beautiful was the weather today???
have a wonderful week
smooch lisa


  1. Our weekend was completely the opposite - sunny, almost hot, swimmers and pool time! Isn't that crazy that you're in snow and we're in the pool. Love it!

    1. hey blythe.....i know what you mean, on totally different scales huh.....pool sounds nice too!!!!

  2. That snowman is so awesome!!!! Glad you had a wonderful day, sweetie.


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