Monday, September 16, 2013

screenprinting fun at harvesttextiles

recently i attended a 4 day course at harvesttextiles in brunswick......
i L-O-V-E-D it, i truly enjoyed every moment, we drew, cut out our stencils
got to mix colours and i loved learning how to make a repeat pattern
i've been wanted to do this for quite a few years, i use so many fabrics in my artwork
i thought how cool would it be to use my own fabrics

the course was fantastic i learnt so so much and the girls are all so lovely, they were so accommodating
and just wanted everyone to experiment and have fun and gave you loads of time to
paint your things on fabric
so i think everyone this year will be getting tea towels or pillowcases for christmas hehehe
we are on the couch today, zeke decided it was a jammie day so he's still in his jim jams
its raining so the heaters on and a movie......
smooch lisa


  1. They look fantastic so modern and unique, you have such a great creative flair! Keep it up :)

    1. thanks michelle......its always lovely seeing you on here, crazy all your renovations, looking soooo good smooch lisa xx


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