Thursday, August 1, 2013

quick trip to nz to meet audrey grace!!!!!!

how delish is she??????
me and my brother popped over to nz to meet our new little niece "AUDREY GRACE"......
i just adore her name, after my nana "Audrey Mae Bogue"
here are a few pics of my beautiful niece's and nephew........everytime i go and see them
we always have a tea party, this time we went out shopping to get what we needed
so much fun, i enjoy it just as much as they do...
and this time little judah got to enjoy the goods....

love this family oddles......
was so good seeing them all, and dad made the best laksa, mum made beautiful chicken curry
and it was so good seeing my grandad again....and for seeing some lovely friends faces
hope your all having a great week
smooch lisa

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  1. Awww...she is so adorable and all the photos are so sweet. Happy Monday, darling.


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