Wednesday, June 8, 2011

madeit find + mushrooms

my first madeit find in a while are these gorgeous button mushroom invitations {hand designed tree hugging stationary} i think they are adorable and very unique.....they are from 'little house of limes' {love the name too}

+ few pics of mushrooms
feels a little funny being back cause it's been so long, anyway i hope your all having a wonderful week
and tell me do you like mushrooms?????
at the moment i'm loving chicken/mushroom/spinach ednchiladas from lenards with a blob of
sour cream.....yummy
lisa xx
images via here


  1. I like the idea and look of mushrooms but hate their texture and taste. It's so sad for a vegetarian!
    Hope you are keeping warm ;)

  2. Very cute, those mushroom tables are amazing! xx

  3. I think mushrooms are SO cute! I love all these finds, esp the first invite one. So nice to see you back my dear!


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