Monday, June 20, 2011

point + shoot : family

here zekky is helping feed our beautiful new nephew jet, he is so gentle with him and of course wants to touch/hold/pat and blow his nose all the time {too cute}
we had just been up the road for a baby chino {evidence all over his face}
and i had to sneek this photo in this is grandad {my dad} showing zeke how to spin the spinney top they bought him, it's really cool and lights up and of course zeke doesn't let it finish he
just has to stop it and ask grandad to do it again and again and again
we have been busy with family and loads of visitors {which i love}
hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and are keeping warm
lisa xx
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  1. Zeke is gorgeous and how sweet being the doting big cousin! It's nice to have visitors/family. Enjoy!

  2. Hey Lisa, how are you going my dear? Zeke is so sweet and your nephew is a cutie! Hope all is well. xx


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