Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new hair doo

not a great photo i know.........actually sick in a hotel room and hubbs thought {camera time}
eeeekkkkkkk and no makeup {thanks babe}
but i wanted to use it to show you the colour.......
as some of you may know i'm a hairdresser and get nervous trying to find a new hairdresser
but mumma wanted a new colour and thought i'd try and find a salon

well i found a salon hartfords hairdressing at bentons square shopping centre in mornington, they were fantastic they listened to what i wanted, they were all friendly and genuinely interested in what i was getting done

i was there for 7 hours {thats what happens when you want to go lighter} and you've been colouring your hair black for quite some years, kate and gary worked their magic, so we are at stage one as we wanted the healthiest option for my hair.....
also not that good a photo few wines and using phone here.....oh dear

i hope you've all had a great long weekend and just wanted to share my fab experience in a salon
i'll post more progress photos as we go along
sleep tight lisa xx


  1. Woot Woo, very nice, great colour!!!
    Im a hairdresser to so I understand your nervousness, sounds like you found a wonderful place to be pampered!!

  2. Looking great! Glad your experience was pleasurable. I'm one of those strange people who never go to the hairdresser, well hardly ever. I think the last time was a couple of years ago!

  3. 7 hours wow! I thought my 3 hours was a long time :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your new hair colour, it suits you so much, you look stunning! I have my hair appointment next week actually, looking forward to relaxing, flicking through mags and coming out feeling great. Enjoy the rest of your week x

  4. Looks good. Know all about going from black to lighter, my hair went fluro red first time! Looks like you found a good hairdresser. G


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