Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what a way to start the day......

nothing like starting the day with a swim......this morning i decided to take zekky to the indoor pools, i'm a bit of a water girl, i could spend ours in the water.....i'm pretty happy zekky loves the water too, he loves stepping of the steps and into the water, mummy leaves him for about 5 seconds before i pick him up and he always comes up smiling......or sitting on the pools edge and singing humpty dumpty sat on the wall, into the water head under and he comes up laughing......
if i had a swimming pool i would prob swim most mornings {slightly heated through the winter}
what's the one thing you love to do most mornings????? image via here
lisa xox 


  1. It's been so cold here lately so it would have to be a warm heated pool for me :) I like to start off my morning with a quick read of some blogs before my little one gets up following by a hot cup of tea :)

  2. My morning habit has been quickly doing the school lunches, grabbing my toast and cup of tea and flicking through a few blogs before I have to dash out to do the school run... Glad you had fun at the pool with your little man.

  3. Me again - just wanted to say thanks for your kind words on Wednesday x

  4. I Love to read an interiors magazine over breakfast (when the kids aren't too demanding). As for swimming in winter it would have to be spa temperature for me to get into the pool - don't like the cold. My eldest (miss 4) swims twice a week all year at her swim school - so I know what you mean about seeing the delight in their faces. Have a great weekend. Michelle
    p.s. come and join in on my giveaway

  5. Hi Lisa... Cute blog!
    I love big cuddles from my two little girls first thing in the morning, when they are still toasty warm and smell like fresh sheets! (if it was warmer, swimming would be a close second!)
    Flick :)

  6. thanks for the comments.....and i loved finding out what people like to do in the mornings.......

    amanda - i often have a quick flick of the blogs while my little man is eating breakfast......hope your day on wed was full of amazing memories xx

    jenny - i can only imagine the school runs, i'll be doing that in a few years, how many children do you have????

    michelle - ooohhh interior mags, yes please........will check out the giveaway yay, i'll be doing one also in the next few weeks

    flick - cuddles in the morning too cute......thanks for becoming a follower will have to check yours out too

    have a fab day ladies lisa xox


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