Monday, November 19, 2012

just breathe

2 weeks since we've been back and its flown right on by........
i truely had an amazing day and needed it, i needed to just STOP and breathe

so i've become an iphone user {finally you all say hahaha}
and am a little addicted to instagram and looking forward to maybe doing the dec photo a day
see how busy mumma goes.....
above is where i spent 5 hours in dromana at the beach today it recharged my batteries and the company {thanks bek} filled me with hope, some direction for 2013 and just all over good vibes

i always seem to get into a little funk when i return from nz, i love melbourne and dont want to
move back but spending time with my fams and seeing neices and nephews growing up without
you around makes me feel sad at times and i had a wonderful time while back there....
zeke everyday has asked to see his girls {my neices} he loved them cuteness

i have some exciting things happening at the moment and will follow on in another post....
leave you with a little cliff hanger hehehe

so thought id show you a few other instagram photos over the weekend

1. dromana pier
2. me + bek on dromana forshore
3. greg and mwha at the albert food + wine festival
4. greggles and me off to crown for a fun night
5. coffee in south melbourne at Q11
6. with lela + liane at two bouys in dromana
7. my greg + zeke walking along rosebud forshore

who is ready for christmas????
and have you done your shopping etc???
smooch lisa xx


  1. I know what you mean about New Zealand and with family there, it must be so difficult coming down from a visit. If I didn't have family here I think I could happily live there.
    Looks like a fun weekend though and yes, Instagram is a lot of fun. What's your username? Mine is Mollysmaison :)

  2. i'm ready for christmas, but you made miss summer so much! :)

  3. Those pictures make me miss summer too.



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