Tuesday, March 5, 2013

who loves birthdays???? and why

well i am the big 36 years old on the 25th feb, and wow time sure goes by sooooo fast
i love birthdays and all that their about, and yes often im known to have a long
2-3 weeks of celebrations {how bout you????}

its funny we make a big deal about our children, nieces and nephews about how its a celebration and
we do the big count wow your  4 now etc........

to be honest that still hasn't changed for me, yes its not the same as when i was a child, i get excited but that giddy cant sleep isnt there like it used to, but i still see it as an amazing celebration and am
constantly thankful and reflect on the year past and i love being around loads of people and {ok i'll admit it} it is kinda nice when people make a fuss about little old ME!!!!!!!!

a big thankyou to everyone who made it wonderful with all the messages, txt, phone calls and the
lovely cards and gifts, you all made me feel so so valued

i had some lovely girls in my world org a day out i got my nails done, pedicure, lovely lunch at the portsea hotel, wonderful chats and got driven around the peninsula, followed by dinner at the epicurean, it was delish and if you haven't been you need to go thanks guys xx

then my brother and sis in law kate with the kids arrived from nz to live, so we org a welcome to australia lunch + birthday for tompo {friend} and myself so of course it was packed with loads of kiwis and some lovely friends, low key and ended up at the beach {perfect}
also below is a photo of the wowzer cake tompos wife kirstie made amazeballs

and on my actual birthday my lovely boys took me shopping and mumma now owns something from tiffanys fun fun, the service was amazing.........

and sorry I've been so busy i haven't been taking loads of photos, here are a few
so do you love birthdays????
and what has been your fav????
my 30th was amazing i loved it and have to admit im really looking forward to my 40th
thanks for reading smooch lisa


  1. happy belated birthday Lisa, i must admit i love a good partay as well!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I declare my Birthday a Birthday week, usually take a few days of work and get a massage and facial, take myself shopping for a new outfit, catch up with friends and family and a special night out for me and my boyfriend. My favourite would have to be my 30th too I organised a wine tour was so much fun :D


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