Friday, July 8, 2011

11 opp shops in one week!!!! phew

as you all know i love opp shopping, going to trash 'n' treasure markets.......and i think i need to start garage sales also......

well this week i counted up 11 opp shops i visited, just yesterday i went to the recycle centre and found this beautiful beautiful coffee table {i'm in love with it}
also in the background i got 3 pillows all from different shops all in the same colour palette go figure {was my lucky day} and the gorge lamp in the background...

it was a successful opp shopping day yesterday and the car was jam packed with goodies.....

sorry i've been neglecting my blog a little bit, i feel like i need to come up for air soon, i'm still in the process of getting another little {business project up and running} thanks for some of the advise and support, i'm excited but nervous.....ya know putting yourself out there.....
we have had a great day as a family, took zekky to his first movie {cars 2} then went and visited his little friend zara, he loved it.........
i hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
if anyone is around the peninsula this sunday ledamae will be at the markets {mornington racecourse} smooch lisa xx


  1. LOVE that coffee table Lisa! Very regency glamour - such cool finds! Wish I was in Melb for the weekend, I'd come visit you at the markets :)
    Have a great weekend my dear,

  2. I agree with Janette - very regency glamour. What a great find Lisa. I'd be very happy with myself if I were you x

  3. Wow, what great finds and you obviously have a good eye. All looks fantastic together. Hope you had a good weekend. Gx

  4. Cannot believe you found that coffee table - amazing, I love it! If ever you want to sell it, just let me know hehehe ;)

    Looks great in your space, well done x


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