Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wow what a camping trip.....

we had the best time away and needed it, we totally relaxed and just did all the fun stuff

. we swam in the pool for hours on end
. walked and snoozed on the beach {mummy snoozed}
. went for bike rides
. jumped on the jumping pillow
. had the yummest meals
. had a movie night for the kids
. went on the flying fox {adults included}
. visited the warrnambool cheese factory {devine my fav herb + spice}
. flicked through magazines
. kids had hot chocolates every night
. had amazing discussions
. of course did the opp shops
. day trip to port fairy {very cute little town}
. trash 'n' treasure market early sun morning

i've come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes my way......
it's amazing what some down time can do to your mind body and soul.....
i hope you've all been well and enjoying what this year is turning into, here are just a few snaps of our little holiday
in the car on our road trip
we arrived safe + sound YAY.....greg parking the caravan
inside the caravan
at the beach zeke, lucy {whom zeke is a little bit obsessed with} and noah
the wonderful mark + bek
snuggles after being in the cold water {love that they didn't know this was being taken}
greg bouncing all the kids on the jumping pillow {loads of giggles}
markie on gregs bike
bek on my pink bike
cute boys
our yummy dinner at the park
yum yum salmon crusted with sesame seeds, salad and we had avocado in lemon juice {delish}
auntie lisa giving baby jet a lemon to suck on {not the response i was waiting for he liked it, cute boy}
mumma on the flying fox {so much fun}
port fairy
tomato + haloumi stacks
our last day of bliss
have a wonderful week and will post some more photos of our house
smooch lisa xx


  1. love the pics lis! That caravan is AWESOME! do you own it? I might just have to move in! :)

    1. thanks Rachel, wish it was ours but I do have some pics of our do up caravan will put up soon xx

  2. Hi gorgeous, is that your caravan? I love it!! Sounds like the perfect type of holiday away - lots of wonderful memories made with your special family. Big hugs xx

    1. hey Amanda, it was our friends caravan, it was so great......and so many wonderful memories smooch Lisa xx

  3. What a fantastic trip Lisa, I love the caravan you have made it look so stylish and I love your pink bike. It looks like you had so much fun just hanging out together. xx


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