Wednesday, March 7, 2012

yay off camping.....i feel like i just need to breath!!!!!!!!!

i can't wait we are off camping tomorrow warrnambool here we come!!!! we need a break and just get away for a bit
we have friends rohan + cindy who have lent us there caravan YAY!!!!!!
not sure if some of you remember but i've been wanting a caravan for about year and a half and rohan + cindy have found us one eeeekkkkkkkkk so much fun its going to take a bit of work but how fun
totally photos with progress.....thanks to the waters......
so i've filled the caravan with bunting, lantern lights etc and of course can't wait to park her up and
put our feet up smell the ocean air and just kick back
have a wonderful week and will post photos when we get back......

+ some more caravan eye candy
don't you just love images
they take you on a journey/funny though how we all view it differently
{ not sure where that just came from lisa mae } just thought i'd throw it out there
smooch lisa xx


  1. Enjoy your trip Lisa, hope you have a lovely break xx

  2. Sounds fab enjoy the mini break :)


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