Friday, November 19, 2010

madeit find : mini tea cups {cute}

how cute are these little tea cups???? my madeit find this week from mugalicious {love the name too}
teeny tiny teapots for teeny tiny people, doesn't it just scream CUTE if i had a little girl i would be buying this for christmas, what little girl wouldn't want one of these sets.......or big girl!!!!
i just love teacups, a few others to share with you
3 last photos from here......
in our new house {one day} i'd love teacups as lights to, don't they look fab????

i have a few cute teacup sets from trash 'n' treasure markets, T2, and gifts from friends, so i have a few sets and they are all different..........
so it's friday pop your feet up and have a cup of tea
enjoy your weekend kisses
lisa xx


  1. That tea set is so cute. I will have to look into it as my daughter will love it and she has a birthday coming up in December. I love both nice looking tea cups and coffee mugs and have some out on display at my house. G

  2. we have a lot in common..LOVE tea cups!,love your mini ones {tooo cute} xx

  3. I love tea cups too, one day I want a house whre I can have a display cabinet/book shelf type of things and have them on display.

  4. I love the tea cup lights,there are some very talented people out there!

  5. Some gorgeous images Lisa. Love the lights!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Rebecca x


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