Monday, November 22, 2010


can you spot the little person in amongest the roses???????
this weekend while dad was at the drag racing zeke and myself went to the mornington rose gardens, wow they were so maintained and looked beautiful......
now i'm not that clued on when it comes to flowers/gardening etc, but it truly fascinates me and i'd love to learn more.....i've noticed on some other blogs some of you know so much about flowers so maybe you know what i'm talking about when i say i didn't realize there were so many different roses and the names for them are again fascinating.......
like did you know there was a rose called oranges and lemons?????
here are a few photos of my fav's.....
and my favourite was this one......i love the roundness of it, can you imagine it in full bloom???
hope you all had a wonderful weekend, ledamae was at the flemington markets again yesterday and we had the best day ever, have a great week 
lisa xx


  1. The gardens are beautiful! Love the happy child rose xx

  2. These are truly beautiful and a treat after a busy morning.

    I've been dividing my day between the dreaded house clean and doing a family search on my mother's relatives.
    Their surname is Eve and I've managed to trace her direct line back to 1654 so far.

    Imagine my surprise upon scrolling down to the last photo and seeing Wild Eve. I think mum will have to have one of these for her garden don't you?

    Felicity x

  3. How beautiful! The roses are just stunning this year. I once saw a documnetary about the origins and history of roses and it was incredible. I'm totally addicted!

  4. beautiful roses,love the wild eve the best xx

  5. Love roses, who doesn't I guess. Looks like a fun day out for the two of you. ;-)

  6. Love love love happy child, roses really are beautiful..Sounds like your day with Zeke was a little more tranquil than a day at the drag races!!!

  7. I love roses are those are so beautiful:) Glad you had a great time,sweetie


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