Thursday, November 25, 2010

offically married 10 years today!!!!!!

offically married 10 years today.....yikes.....
it's gone so fast, we got married bare foot on the beach {mt. maunganui} in new zealand photo below,

yup i LOVE the was on the beach or in the snow,  and we walked down the aisle {beach} to "all my life" by kc & jojo....i always said i wanted that song.......
where did you get married???? and what was your song??????
above is a photo of the three rascals, it was nice having my brother and sister in the wedding party.....
not sure about you but i love seeing peoples wedding photos, these are the only ones i have on the computor i need to get them on disc, back in the day everything was on film.....hehehe 10 years ago....
a few photos of us.....
do you know i never noticed until uploading these photos greg is always on the right and me always on the funny is that....

enjoy your thursday and don't forget about the GIVEAWAY .......
lisa xx


  1. Awww Happy Anniversary, my dear
    What a beautiful photos and that beach...Wow!!!
    10 years is so magical..:)
    Wish you a lovely day.

  2. Awww that beautiful 10 years.. gorgeous photos and your wedding sounds amazing
    {love beach weddings} *sigh* all the best wishes for many more years together
    Luv melli xx

  3. Has anyone ever told you you've got great eyebrows Lisa??? Hehehe, sorry a bit random but it's true!
    Congrats on 10yrs of marriage hun, I love seeing your wedding photos and I hope you guys have a wonderful day (I know you celebrated with your weekend away but I hope you have a very special day of memories and love!

  4. Congrats Lisa on your 10 year anniversary! You look so beautiful.
    Actually I got married in Tauranga (my home town). I really miss it and would love to move back. Is that where you are from?
    Enjoy this special occasion.

  5. Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary. Your wedding photos are lovely and you look so beautiful. I love seeing other peoples wedding photos, thanks for sharing Lisa. xx

  6. Happy 10th Anniversary to you and Greg. I love the pics - you look beautiful.
    Rebecca x

  7. Happy Anniversay! What a beautiful spot to get married at :)

  8. Congratulations, 10 fantastic years, your wedding sounds beautiful, I love seeing your photos!!! Cheers to you both xxx

  9. I love wedding pics too - thanks for sharing yours and congratulations on your wedding anniversary!! x

  10. Congratulations and thanks for sharing such lovely photos. We are a year of 10, it does go so quick. G


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