Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i just love christmas

i just love christmas and all that it holds.......this year i've gone plain with a splash of green.......
and our little tradition for zeke is every year he gets an ornament that hangs on the tree and when he leaves home, he'll have is own collection.....however not sure at 18 or so if he'd like that, but its a cute tradition for now....his first one above is a nz tiki, then an orange ball

and this year a many posts at the moment about christmas and i love reading everyones little you can see this year we have white twigs {this is the 3rd time we have used this option} because we are going back to nz in a few days, it's a little bit silly buying a tree etc if were not gonna be here.....
i just wondered who else has a real tree???? i was over at melli's design and noticed a real tree but most others don't.........we always get a real tree too {poor greg with hayfever} i'd love to know your preference and why!!!!!!! i have hummed and harred about getting a fake one {because of the hayfever}
enjoy your wednesday and smile at someone today {a big smile} you know the kind!!!!!!!
lisa xx


  1. We have a fake tree but I would love a real one! A friend got one last week and it smells divine. Must admit, even tho I'm originally from NZ I haven't seen a tiki quite like that before - very cute. Michelle

  2. That is such a lovely tradition Lisa, I love the idea of adding a new decoration each year. We have a fake tree. I can only remember us having a real tree once when I was little and for some reason I associate real trees with a lot of mess! I think the smell would be wonderful though. xx

  3. That Tiki is really gorgeous and I love your tradition, and we do the same. So we've a lot of cheap and cheerful and a few "good" ones we are collecting. Having only a 2 & 4 year old means they are in the minority, but we'll get there, year by year! :)

  4. We have a fake tree but last year and this year I've been doing the twigs in the vase option so that Will doesn't pull the 6footer down on top of himself :)
    I think it's a lovely tradition you've set up, so sweet! And I like your 'big smile' comment :)

  5. super cute tiki! Hi Lisa! Sorry been MIA for a while in blogland - just been bogged down with lots of works! hope its gets better in coming week :) Thanks for still visiting my blog! Love love love your xmas decor! Have a nice day! :)

  6. The tiki deccy is great! I love Christmas traditions but have to admit to not having any (I think. Maybe I do without realising).
    We have a fake tree. I've always felt sorry for the poor little trees being cut down :)

  7. What a beautiful tradition and all those ornaments are so pretty! I cant wait to decorate our tree...I am planning to do it this weekend:) Cant wait

    Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Holiday Parties!

  8. Love the pretty ornaments and I need to come up with some cool traditions like that fast! ; )



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