Monday, December 6, 2010

point + shoot : cherry picking

wow what a weekend, we had an amazing group of people come to visit us in mornington for a day of fun, sun, bbq, cherry picking and hanging together..........
i'd never been cherry picking before and loved it we went to red hill cherry farm where you go and pick your own and eat all the cherry's you want while picking.......
it was loads of fun and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to do hill farm in particular is only open for 6 weeks.......
then on sunday we went to check out mornington markets and i finally got to try the salt and pepper calamari, my very dear friend has mentioned it often and it's quite well known {it was devine}........ i got to meet a new stall holder and support her by buying a few goodies, love meeting the newbies....
what did you all do this weekend????? i love to know what your all doing {bit nosy hehehe}
if you'd like to add a point + shoot @ fat mum slim it's a bit fun.....
have a great monday everyone
lisa xx


  1. I've never been cherry picking, it sounds like a fun day!

  2. Oh I'm going to be putting a cherry picking date in my diary for sure. Sounds fun.

    Ooh salt and pepper calamari, my favourite. Excuse me while I wipe my drool away

  3. That looks like great fun Lisa! I love big fat cherries. Yum!

  4. Mmmmmm cherries could resist clicking on your pic from Fat Mum Slims. Picking your own sounds a bit dangerous I think you'd have to roll me out of there!

  5. What cool fun! I've never been, but love cherries. Still quite expensive up in Brisbane to buy, but I can't resist. Stone fruit is Xmas! I picked up heaps of great furniture to makeover, and otherwise a quiet one. It was rainy and cool all w/end. Hardly Sunshine State weather! :) Sonia

  6. That looks fantastic! Sounds like a perfect weekend xx

  7. I love cherries and that sounds so fantastic...I wish we could have that sunny weather here too:) Kisses, darling


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