Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NZ here i come!!!!!!

i just wanted to say goodbye and have a wonderful christmas, filled with love, laughter and sunshine, i'll be away for a whole 3 weeks......
3 weeks holiday with my two boys fun fun fun i'll be loving the beach and the ocean.......can't wait to see my family and friends, i get to meet my brother's twins boy {needyn} and girl {kea} about two weeks old......loads of snuggles for me
so if you get time pop your feet up and chillax........with a little bit of mischef to be had in between times
i'll be thinking of you all and missing you i'm sure.......
i'll pop in from time to time and visit {if i can}...........
big smoochs to you all 
lisa xx
pictures via here


  1. Have a wonderful time away Lisa and enjoy relaxing and spending time with your family x

  2. Have a wonderful time!!
    Wow, twins, that sounds like a lot of fun (and nappies)!! x

  3. Have a beautiful holiday. Snuggles with those little babies sounds beautiful, not to mention the beautiful fresh air and picturesque perfection that is NZ. 3 weeks?! Enjoy!! Sonia :)

  4. Have a great time in beautiful NZ. Relax and enjoy. G

  5. Goodbye gorgeous girl have a wonderful Christmas and a sensational trip..we will see you when you get back mwah Melli xx

  6. Have a safe trip, sweetie and enjoy your family time:) Hugs and kisses

  7. Have a great time Lisa! Hope you enjoy your time with family and friends - and I hope the weather is good for the beach. Michelle

  8. hey Lisa, hope you holiday was/is wonderful and you and the family are having a blast :)


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